How to grow your audience in social media

When we start a business or project we seek to share it with a particular audience and, once again, we try to reach it, one way or another. In order to publicize the purpose of what we do and to provide all the information we desire to an audience is necessary for its purpose and that this one feels interested by our ideas, I spoke of them with other people and, in this way, we can achieve more popularity.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your profile interesting on networks and, therefore, grow your audience:

1. Select the appropriate networks for your project

There are many social networks! So, depending on your vision and purpose, choose the most appropriate to convey your message, think to which audience you want to target, what kind of content you want to publish and in what way you would like to do it. Short and quick thoughts, Twitter; if you need them to see what you do, Youtube; Information and photos ?, Instagram; there are a variety of options, choose one with which you like to work.

2. Create a creative and original profile.

Aesthetics is important too; do not neglect it. Remember that you seek to attract the attention of the public, although the content is the raw material, you have to make it look the best way possible. If you can design your profile, choose colors, fonts and even a content organization that is in line with your type of project. On the other hand, if the design is predefined, incorporate interesting images, videos, everything you can think of to create a visually attractive environment.

3. Publish quality content Keep the information straight and clear!

Try to be honest, prudent and accurate with your profile on the networks, do not publish content for doing so; Quality is essential to success, this includes information, photos and videos. Beware of spelling errors, poorly constructed sentences, pixelated images and blurry videos; likewise, say no to plagiarism of ideas. Try to have each publication pursue a clear objective; places the same commitment on each job.

4. Know your audience and be consistent with the publications.

Depending on your type of project this will attract a certain group of people with specific needs and eventually create a type of audience, therefore, it is important that you do not neglect the interaction and relationship that you have built with it in some way. Stay active and constant in your networks, posting new information, giving "I like", commenting and following other accounts. We all know that motivation at some point expires and it is at that moment that our project is in danger, so do not give up! get used to having discipline, you can even have a schedule of publications to organize you better.

5. Get a little bored Be innovative and think big!

Always look for how to renew your profile, what you can do to improve it, what else you can offer and create. Do not stay with the basics and the same ideas, go further and continue to introduce new and interesting elements to not stagnate. Dare to do something different that broadens your horizons, nothing loses trying.

Finally, just trust your project and create contacts, be persevering and accept constructive criticism can always be improved!